The texts on the video are translated here:


In july 2003 we had the opportunity to be at Mario Posada's house in Medellin, Colombia turning to digital format all of his 16 mm movies. Movies that he recorded fom 1945 to 1968.

We recovered over 28 hours of images of the family, their trips to Europe and the United states, Mario's business etc.

Mayo is Mario Posada, it's how his family calls him, it's how we call him. Archivos Mayo is a project that starts from this archives, its a homage to someone passionate about the image.


From Joystick, we invited some friends to do a video editing the material of the Archives.
For months we met once a week to watch all the films, each one taking notes and writing timecodes of the images they liked.

The result of this edits concludes the first stage of the Archivos Mayo.